The starting point for all clients is a candid conversation to determine which option best suits your business's needs. Below are the services offered to work with Jennifer:

Profit Maximizer Session

Are you looking for a simple cash management system to increase your cash flow and be permanently profitable? Great! Here's a 45-minute live session conducted over a secure Zoom Meeting with Jennifer. We'll assess the financials of your business which will tell you where your business cash flow stands, and give you direction to immediately increase the profitability of your business. We'll also assess what next steps might be, and we can discuss whether it makes sense to work with us further.

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VIP Intensive

This is a 3-hour strategy session where we dive deep into any money challenges you are having in your business finances and develop a strategy to overcome them. You’ll have access to ask all of your questions around money and how you can reach your financial goals, while we also dig deeper into some of the basic financial elements in your business and/or personal life. This includes an additional 30 days of support and a 30 minute check-in call. If you’re motivated and have the self-discipline to take it upon yourself of implementing what we discuss, then the Profit Intensive would be a good fit.

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Profit First Accelerator

For those who are looking to implement a simple cash management system, also known as Profit First, and want a customized game plan to maximize profits, the Profit First Accelerator is a great option. While working with a certified Profit First Professional through private 1:1 coaching over 3 months, you’ll receive unlimited support between coaching sessions, accountability check-ins, and access to tools and resources developed by Jennifer Perez and other certified Profit First Professionals to help you with your business. Before the end of the program, you’ll be driving profit intentionally in your business and have systems in place to help you financially support the lifestyle you deserve.

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Private Coaching Retainer

If you still haven't found a service that you feel is what you need in your business, then maybe you need more customization to help you get through your current financial struggles or grow to the next level. While I am very selective on who I'm able to work with on a retainer, let's have a conversation to see why you feel this would be a better fit and what you're looking to get out of it to ensure we're a match.

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Interested in working together?

Let's start with a complimentary, 30-minute chat! On the call, I’ll get to know you, ask some questions about your finances, lifestyle, the journey you’ve been on with money in your business so far, and learn about your goals.

Out and About in the Community

Jennifer often speaks at conferences and business functions. Follow her on LinkedIn to keep up to date on current happenings.

Looking for Jennifer to Speak at Your Event?

Reach out to Jennifer to see if she's available to speak at your business meeting, association, or organization! Jennifer's expertise with clients in different industries gives her a unique perspective on the following topics: