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Jennifer provides hands-on coaching to help you understand money, so that you can achieve your lifelong dreams. Utilize your business financial goals to achieve personal financial freedom.

Jennifer Perez
Financial Freedom Coach

This coaching program is great for you if...

You want to make your bucket list dreams a reality
You feel like you're drowning in debt and don't see a way out
You have your personal and business money mixed together
You're not sure how to manage your business finances
You feel there should be more cash flow than there is

Here's how it works

1. Get absolute clarity around your money

Book your free discovery session where you'll share your goals and find out how financial coaching can help you achieve them. Next we book your Deep Dive session and get a detailed picture of your current financial situation.

2. Create a roadmap to see where to go

Jennifer will create a roadmap for your financial situation that takes into account your budget and goals. This personalized plan will show you what to do every step of the way. You will know where your money goes and how to spend it to achieve your financial goals.

3. Take action and achieve financial freedom

With a plan in place, you’ll be able to use your new tools to manage your money simply and effectively. Now you have two choices: you can take the rest of steps on your own or choose to work with your coach longer for accountability to stay on track to financial freedom and hit your goals faster.

Let's get started!
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My story

Are you working 2 jobs and STILL unable to make ends meet? Do you have student loan debt over $225k like I did? Credit cards were my emergency fund, are they yours? Do you feel that bankruptcy is your only option?  This was my reality in 2013. The student loans, both federal and private, were included when I filed bankruptcy. However, they were NOT dischargeable! This was my eye-opener and I did not want to be in that position again and that got me motivated.

Through classes, books, workshops, a coach, and a lot of hard work, I learned how to build a better budget and began to track my spending. Since then, I’ve been on over 30 vacations, cash flowed our $20k dream wedding, had a baby, built a house for my family, and have less than 42% of my student loan debt left to pay off. Now with better money habits I’ve created over the years I am able to help YOU take control, and dream beyond your means as well as make it a reality.

Jennifer Perez
Financial Freedom Coach

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My clients have transformed their lives

See what they have to say


Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was in desperate need to get my budget back on track and she helped me with that AND MORE! And I realized how important budgeting and planning can be when you are self-employed and have irregular income. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and will get you in shape (financially, of course). I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to get their finances back to being fun and manageable! Thank you so much for your help and expertise!



I can’t thank her enough! Jennifer was great with helping with our budget, she put together a wonderful easy to follow plan with a spreadsheet I could follow. I don’t know what we would have done without her assistance, she was so kind and considerate, she made sure we understood everything we needed to do to help us get out of debt while putting money aside for savings and finally some travel. We will finally be able to take the honeymoon we never had by following the budget plan she assisted us in developing. THANK YOU AGAIN Jennifer!



Jen is amazing! She really knows her stuff and has been a tremendous help to me. I have learned so much from her expertise. I would highly recommend Xact Numbers for your financial coaching needs.



Jennifer has obtained an extensive education and experience base from which she provides guidance and accountability. By exploring the needs, desires and goals of her clients she helps them to put systems in place and to get there! I recommend Jennifer to help with simple budgets and complex financial strategies. Keep up the great work Jennifer!



Jennifer is very good at what she does. I'm not sure I have seen many people care so much about the people she is working with.  And smart - let me tell you - she knows what it takes to save you money and make you money.  Highly recommend her.



Jennifer is a wealth of information. She truly cares about her customers and their finances. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking a financial coach.


Working with a financial freedom coach will help you

Get out of debt faster with a personalized plan
Handle money in relationships
Eliminate student loan debt
Take that vacation and travel
Set up & stick to a monthly budget
Buy a home
Prepare for retirement
Grow in business

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